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Fort Kochi, with its European heritage, its air of genteel decay, and stubborn self-absorption is a place where history, like a friendly phantom, still stalks the lonely streets.Vypeen and Gundu islands boasts of a lighthouse at Ochanthuruth, good beaches, and the 16th-century Pallipuram Fort.

Kerala a land lavished upon with natural beaty. A destination chosen by many to revive mind, body and sprit. Here, in the historic Mattanchery town of Cochin, lies Daniel's Speciality Dental Clinic.Dr. Daniel's Speciality Dental Clinic is one such leading dental care institution, frequented by numerous patients from all over the world.

Here, when you have set out to discover a new 'you' with the curative powers of serene backwaters and exotic ayurvedic packages, why not give that essential 'beauty touch' to your smile and teeth imperfections. And mind you, it costs only a trifle, when compared to the fortune you have to shell out abroad.

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Tour to Kochi

St. Francis' Church

Jew Town

Cochin-Kochi, Cochin-Kochi Travel, Tourist attractions in Cochin-Kochi, Weekend trips from Cochin-Kochi Excursions, Events in Cochin-Kochi, Festivals in Cochin-Kochi

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Chinese Fishing Nets

Bagavathi Temple

Weekend Trips/Excursion

Thripunithura, 12 km southwest, has a Hill Palace Museum housing the collections of the Cochin and Travancore royal families. It is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and 2 to 4 p.m. Cochin-Kochi, Cochin-Kochi Travel, Tourist attractions in Cochin-Kochi, Weekend trips from Cochin-Kochi Excursions, Events in Cochin-Kochi, Festivals in Cochin-Kochi Edapally, 10 km northeast of Ernakulam, has the Museum of Kerala History. It is open Tuesday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 to 4 p.m. Parur, 35 km north of Cochin, encapsulates the cultural and religious medley of this region. There is a synagogue, place of Brahmins, a Syrian Orthodox Church, a Krishna Temple, and a temple of goddess Mookambic. Four kilometers away is Chennamangalam that houses the oldest synagogue in Kerala. There is also a Jesuit Church and ruins of a Jesuit College. One can also walk to the Hindu Temple overlooking river Periyar, a 16th-century mosque, as well as burial grounds.




Tourism is one industry that will thrive in the coming years in kerala. Last few years have seen a steep rise in number of tourists that visits Kerala. This is because that kerala is considered to be a 'must see destination' in the world with its natural beauty, varied culture etc. Credits also goes to the improved infra structure of the state in the past years. The most important of all, Kerala has three International Airports.

These tourists who visit kerala are slowly showing interest in having their health care in the state. There is again a rise in the number in the past few years.

As Kerala is renowned for genuine Ayurvedic treatment, the interest of these tourists were only in this area. But now, they are showing interests in the other modalities of health care. Dentistry is one such field which can attract tourists for many reasons.

In the beginning the tourists used to approach the dentists in kerala only in the case of emergency like acute toothache. But things have changed in the last couple of years. This is mainly due to the quality treatment provided by well trained Dentists and well equipped dental offices.

DDC is capable of providing the international standards of treatment at nominal cost, the tourist gain the maximum as they get the best of the dental treatments at rates which could have cost them a fortune in their respective lands. To add to their gain, they get to see one of the most blessed and beautiful place on earth, kerala, no wonder its also called as 'GODS OWN COUNTRY'.



'Ayurveda' is a word used in plenty, in almost all the advertisements, websites, packages, wall posts, cut outs and other literature connected with Tourism. In hotels, especially in the star ones we can read the boards 'Ayurvedic massage is available'. 'Panchankarma treatment is available.' 'Herbal bath is available here. We do witness strong criticism against these erratic uses of the scientific term Ayurveda.

Ayurveda means knowledge of Longevity. The principles of Ayueveda are found on the Panchabhootha theory, which has not been disputed since years back. Therefore anything under the sun could be explained in terms of Ayurveda. Man is Microcosm of the macrocosm. There are two status for any living being, i.e. 'Rogavastha' someone suffering from diseases 'Arogavastha' - someone does not have problems.


For some one suffering from illness Ayurveda administrates treatments with proper regimen to the patient. When we say treatment in Ayurveda there is a systematic approach to issue a prescription in which the actual direction is given.

  • Internal medicines are to be used as directed - Kashayam,Arishtam,Avarthikal, Pills, Ghees, purgatives etc. are the internal medicines in general.
  • External medicines, Oils, Kuzhampu, Special fluids.
  • Proper diet
  • Pizhichil, Dhara, Navarakizhi, Sirovasthi, Netratharpanam
  • Snehapanam
  • Vamanam, Vivechanam, Nasyam, Vasthi and Rakthamosham - Panchakarma - Five deeds of cleaning.

Panchakarmas are the five types of clearing process. The toxins are removed.

The two classifications in Ayurvedic treatments are

a) Sodhanam

b) Samanam

Sodhanam means cleaning the systems and Samanam means curative. A prescriptive contains direction for both along with the proper medicines. The internal as well as external usage of medicines with the assistance of technically qualified people together is called 'treatments' in Ayurveda.

For someone who does not have much problems or someone with minor ailments in order to keep up his agility Ayurveda administrates 'Swasthavritham'- routine for a man who wants to keep up his health.

Leave alone the patients. Let them go to the hospital for treatement, through many of them might have earned the country under tourist visa and counted as tourists. Leave such tourists for the hospitals. We are interested only on the other type of tourists as far as the Health Tourism is concerned.

Traditional methods of up keeping health in various systems such as Ayurveda, Siddha, Naturopathy and yoga are becoming popular among the tourists. An understanding of the tradition does not mean merely negating the paradigm but contextualising, the element of what is sought to be defined as tradition. In each and every traditional method of systems nobody can take the man - the tourist -as free from any ailments - for granted. A few of them may be chronic patients such as diabetic, cardiac problems and constantly on drugs, Buts bot restricted from moderate movements medically. enough care should be taken by the doctors or the experts in the system. As far as Ayurveda is concerned there should be a doctor to examine the tourist.If found to be fit to undergo the prescribed treatment then and only then proceed. Many of the tourists are arrving under a 'package'. their time is limited. They have been attracted by the so called Ayurvedic message and Herbal bath. To the detestation of the authentic ayurvedic practitioners and companies the tourists are given an impression that Ayurveda means just oil massage and hot water bath. Of course the water is heated up with some leaves and stems.

The tourist can go for an 'abhyangam' - means an oil bath. He should be advised to relax and not wander under hot sun with his friends at least on that day. No late night also. Eat light food means easily digestible. On the other hand if he does not take moderately fair rest followed by an abhayam consists of a mild form of massage too - there shall be some adverse effects also. He may feel feverish, cold and no appetite for food.

The Tourist may go for a steam bath. Rest and diet, at least on that day, should be as mentioned above. Sleep in daytime and late night should be avoided in both the cases. If necessary mild purgatives may be given. Proper regime should be observed.

'Oushadam', ' Aharam' and 'Viharam' are the three cardinal elements of Ayurvedic system.

a) Oushadam means that which gives you vitality. The translation as medicines, drugs to Oushadam do not conceive the exact meaning.

b)Aharam - Food -diet - Ayurveda gives importance to the time, quality, quantity etc. of food.

c)Viharam - activities which should not affect your present state of health adversely should be based on 'Dharma'.

We provide accommodations through K.T.D.C resorts and hotels all over kerala.

Backwaters- boating

1) Alleppey - conveyance by tourists car and back.
2) Quilon
3) Kumaragam - house boat
4) Kochi


1) Kovalam - 200km from our place
2) Cherai - 25 km from Vypin
3) Varkala Beach.

Temples & Church

1) Temple
2) Jewish synagogue
3) Church


1) Dutch Palace Mattanchery
2) Hill Palace- Thripunithara


1) Munnar - Mountainering
2) Wayanad - Tea Estates
3) Kumali - Wild Life Sanctuary
4) Ponmudi - Yoga Asharam
5) Parambikulam - Silent Valley


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